Meet the Blogkeeper

Taken at Eden Nature Park, Toril, Davao City

I'm Julz and I'm a proud Dabawenya. I work as a freelance SEO Consultant and Content Manager. During my free time, I roam around the city, read books, watch movies, and play SIMS 3.

Davao Journal is my attempt to chronicle my life experiences that I think are worth sharing. I am an advocate of simplicity and spontaneity. I am happy to be blessed, not with material riches, but with things that money can't buy. I take pride in living in positivity amidst the chaotic reality the world has to offer. And lastly, I trust in God who ever so dearly makes all things possible for me.

It is my wish to inspire people through this blog. To let you see that there are far more wonderful things in this life that we have yet to continuously discover as long as we live. I'd like to share my discoveries with you, I hope you'd share yours, too.

Some Blogger, I AM:

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